More than Homeschooling! Our trip around Australia

Homeschooling (1)

We have taken our kids out of school for a year to fulfil our dream of travelling around this beautiful country of ours in a camper. In our state of South Australia, it is really easy to get an exemption signed by the principal of the school your kids attend to take a year off. When we return the kids will start the next year of school. They don't need to take any tests and we don't have to get … [Read more...]

Kangaroo recipes – Kangaroo Chilli

kangaroo recipes

Kangaroo is a nutritionally dense meat, high in iron, zinc, B vitamins and healthy fats. Some people have an ethical or psychological issue with eating kangaroo but it really is one of the healthiest and environmentally friendly protein choices if you live in Australia. Kangaroos aren’t farmed. They’re open range animals and harvested in their own environment. So what you get is a lean red meat … [Read more...]

The Truth About Food and Plastics

the truth about food and plastic

  A guest post by Laura Trotta There’s no denying the convenience of plastics in the kitchen. We use them to carry, store and even prepare wholesome food for our families. But given plastics have been linked with obesity, early adolescence, infertility and even cancer, not to mention the fact that they take hundreds of years, if ever, to break down in our environment, is it wise to … [Read more...]

Wean your kids off junk food onto Wholefoods


  Wholefoods are the new black! Superfood, Organic, Bone broth, Gluten-free, Raw, Paleo and fermented have become mainstream terms but even just a few years ago you probably had not even heard of them. You may have started your babies on highly processed rice cereal as their first food, then moved onto the tinned baby food blends that line the supermarket shelves. As they became … [Read more...]

Healthy Kids Competition

kids health

  Ever since becoming a Naturopath I have loved working with children. I still remember being fascinated to learn in Naturopathic college that kids aren't just small adults. Their little bodies aren't as capable of detoxifying chemicals or eliminating toxins as adults and because of this their health is affected considerably by our modern diets and lifestyles. In my clinical … [Read more...]

Healthy dinner ideas

health dinner ideas

10 of the best family friendly healthy dinner ideas   I have been busy scouring the internet to find 10 of the best family friendly healthy dinner ideas for you. I have hand picked a variety of vegetarian, chicken, fish and meat based healthy dinner ideas, I hope you enjoy them. Chicken Mamacino - Oven baked lemon chicken I absolutely love the combination of flavours in this … [Read more...]

Omega 3 for kids

Omega 3 for kids

  Fish is an important part of our kid's diets and most kids either aren't getting enough of it in their diets or are eating the wrong types of fish - hello battered fish and chips! Now let me make it clear that the occasional fish and chips on the beach is more that ok by me but if that is the only way your family are eating fish that may be a problem! One of the big reasons our kids … [Read more...]

Healthy Fish Tacos

Healthy fish tacos

  A lot of mums I talk to don't bother cooking much fish because at least one person in the family doesn't like it which is a real shame because fish provides the family with a bucket load of nutrition. These healthy fish tacos are a great way to encourage everyone in the family to eat more fish. Fish is a fantastic source of protein, great for growing bodies and for keeping us fuller … [Read more...]

How to stay healthy when travelling

How to stay healthy when travelling

We set off on our Big Aussie Adventure 4 months ago and although we are not always perfect (Hello squid and chips on the beach and a few too many glasses of wine!) we have managed to stick to a real food diet fairly well. Food is one of the pleasures of exploring new places. We have spent a good chunk of our travel adventure so far in the Margaret River region where there is an abundance of … [Read more...]

Something needs to be done about domestic violence!

raising money for domestic voilence

  We all remember the devastating news about Luke Batty back in 2014. Killed by his father at cricket practice. As mums, our heart shattered. Shattered for a child's life lost in such a terrible and frightening way. Shattered for his mum. Numbness. How do you continue as a mother when you lose a child in the worst way imaginable. What Rosie Batty has achieved since … [Read more...]