I see A LOT of mums in my naturopathic clinic.


Mums that are tired, stressed, moody and overwhelmed.


Mums that cannot maintain a healthy weight.


Mums suffering from bloating, headaches, heavy and painful periods.


Mums with IBS, anxiety and insomnia.


Mums that don’t look after themselves because they are too busy looking after everyone else.

I get fantastic results with these mums


They feel more energetic.


They sleep more soundly.


They are happier with their weight and the way their skin looks.


They have regular and comfortable digestion.


Their hormones are more balanced and..


They are motivated to improve the wellbeing of their families.

I understand good naturopaths aren’t accessible to everyone so I have been sharing the valuable information I share with my clients in webinars that anyone, from anywhere can watch and learn from! (In fact my clients have been listening in and learning more from me in my webinars that we have had time to cover in their appointments!)

Now you can get access to these webinars (as well as all additional webinars I run)


Think of it as having a naturopath on hand in your home!

You can log in and access any of my informative webinars, whenever and wherever you like.

There is a lot to get your head around when it comes to health and nutrition and I want to make your wellbeing journey as simple as possible. I have a knack for turning confusing and complicated information into easy to understand terms and always end my webinars with actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Here is what you get access to when you join:



A conversation with Jo Whitton from Quirky cooking

Jo shares her families food journey, tips on keeping your family healthy, insights into the GAPS diet and gut health as well as the details of her brand new cookbook!



Wholefoods for kids – A realistic approach to boost your kids health

Why wholefoods are so important for your children. What wholefoods to increase in your kids diets and How to encourage your kids to eat more wholefoods



Reshape your Body with Real Food

Ditch the Diets and learn how to look and feel great by nourishing your body with Real Food.


Staying Healthy, Sane and Organised during the Silly Season

For us mums the silly season brings an overflowing to-do list. Let’s talk about staying healthy, sane and organised during the silly season.

7 secrets of busy mums who have energy left at the end of the day

Do you wake up wondering how you are going to get through another day? Join me as I reveal the secrets to being a more Energetic Mum.


Kitchen Cleanse with Laura Trotta

Cleanse your Kitchen, reduce your families exposure to chemicals and improve their wellbeing!

Fats! The good the Bad and the Ugly!

Confused about fats? Learn all about which ones are good for you and which ones to avoid in this webinar

5 ways to boost your childs immune system naturally

Tired of sick kids? We will explore 5 simple ways you can boost your childs immune system and prevent them getting sick!

How to un-fuss your fussy eaters.

Yuck! I’m not eating that! Sound Familiar? Learn realistic strategies to broaden your kids food horizons and get them to eat what you serve them.

Stressed out Mamas

Overcome Overwhelm and start enjoying your life as a mum! Real life tips with a Naturopath and Counsellor.

Balance your hormones with food

How to use food and lifestyle strategies to help balance your hormones and eliminate PMS, period problems and other hormonal imbalances.

Stress Balance for the modern Woman

Understand how stress affects energy levels, sleep quality, weight and mental health and discover the 6 most important things you can do to balance manage your stress levels.

Gut Health 101

Bloating and discomfort? Improve your gut health for better moods, skin health and vitality. We discuss the top 10 signs your gut is out of balance and how you can heal it.

Jessica’s webinars are well presented and researched, she presents in a way that is easy to understand and gives ideas that are easy to implement in everyday life. I have learnt the benefits of cutting out sugar and having good gut health. The Energetic Mama webinars have inspired me to change my families lifestyle for the better and we are experiencing less sickness and have more energy.

Amy Dix

Jessica turns complex information in a simple, down to earth manner without the need for me to trawl through heaps of articles only to be left confused! Her webinars break big topics in to small chunks and I learn a lot of practical info which I can easily apply at home. Definitely worth the investment of time!


What I really appreciate and enjoy about the Energetic Mama webinars is that Jessica is very realistic in expectations of what can be achieved over the short and long term, and you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to make a difference to your and your family’s life and health. So much can be done from home and with what you have in your pantry or fridge. Also Jess gets it. She gets that no one is perfect, that family life can be hard and many of us are time poor, and tailors her webinars to suit. Thanks Jess for your generosity and your gorgeous spirit!

Holly Simpson

Jessicas webinars are fantastic, she is knowledgeable and very warm. To have the opportunity to access this goldmine of knowledge whenever you have an issue arise or if you don’t have time to make it live is priceless.

Kristin Pihl

I have thoroughly enjoyed Jess’ webinars to date! Jess’ way of explaining health-related information in a simplistic and non-daunting manner made me feel confident in making changes to mine and my family’s lifestyle. My family and I have benefited greatly from the knowledge Jess has imparted through the webinars. Thank you Jess!

Sara Fieshi

Thank you for all the webinars you do. I love the way you present your information so that it is simple and clear to understand and how you give tips to put into action at the end of each webinar. I’m slowly making changes and hope to reap the benefits in future.

Dimitra Rologas

Here’s exactly what you get:


Instant access to the health vault where you can watch all of the webinars at your convenience.


An email every time a new webinar is added to the Health Vault.


You never miss a webinar – you get access to watch each and every webinar as many times as you like in the comfort of your own home.

All for the crazy low price of just $79


See you in the Health Vault

Jess x